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Is Air In Our Homes Making Us Sick?

Infection Expert Advises Families How To Purify Air At Home

By Dr. Helen Lichtenburg, MD

UPDATED: April 9th

As a scientist I love new discoveries, but what I discovered that day was potentially lifesaving.

It’s why I’m trying to get the word out to everyone in as quickly as possible.

I was conducting tests at a medical laboratory in .

At the end of the day, I threw my lab-coat in the wash receptacle and went home. Then I realized I’d left my phone in the lab coat pocket!

I rushed back just in time before they washed it. But as I was about to leave, something caught my eye.

The chance encounter that changed everything...
“What are those bags you're placing around the room?” I asked. Strange small woven bags dotted around had me confused.

“These are air sterilization bags,” replied the lab technician. “We’ve been using them since the Ebola outbreak in 2014.”

“How come? We don’t work with infectious diseases or anything toxic.”

“You’ve got it the wrong way round. It’s to protect the lab from the outside world. We can’t have a repeat of what happened in 2014. We’re lucky didn't get it so much worse.”

"Common flu survives for just minutes outside the body, but viruses are so much worse. This new strain stays in the air for up to 24 hours - that makes it a superbug!"

I was surprised. All they did was add these bags around the room, and it killed any harmful bacteria that was airborne.  Was this what all I needed to do?

The lab technician went on to tell me how it works…

“Inside these bags are what’s called activated bamboo charcoal which contains millions of little pores that act as a sort of magnetic sponge for odors, viruses, and moisture then kills them so they can no longer cause our immune systems any damage." 

"Activated charcoal kills anything it touches which leaves the particle DNA completely destroyed, which in technical terms, sterilizes the airdeactivates the bacteria, leaving it dead and unable to spread to those around it. ”

I went home and read some clinical studies on these charcoal bags. He was right, tests show it’s an incredibly effective way to sterilize the air and keep us from harm. But I never thought it was necessary to buy some for myself… 

Until now.

I no longer work at that laboratory, but after the worrying events of the last few weeks, I remembered about those strange little bags.

So with all the panic going on in my beloved state of , I gave my friend a call…

“Remember those bags you told me about? Does this work to kill…”

I didn’t even need to finish my sentence.

It works...” was the reply.

"Every scientist at our facility has bought countless amounts of these bags to use in their home and bedrooms. We’ve been urging all our friends and family to do the same.”

Of course I asked how to get some immediately. I listened closely to what he said.

“It’s called Breathe Green. As the name suggests it purifies the air around us . But the important thing is that right now it does what it needs to and helps keep families safe.

But you need to be quick. 

A lot of experts in the medical community are worried these air purifying bags will sell out before all their family and friends have the chance to get one. 

Where it was invented in Japan, they all sold out at the end of January. The only stock left right now are those in warehouses in . And they’re going FAST!”

Needless to say, I went online and ordered one immediately. I received it two days later, and it’s so simple to use.

All you need to do is place the bags around the home - i placed mine like advised in the hallway, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms etc. 

They work for years too, after a few months you place them in sunlight for a few hours and the activated particles inside the bags recharge.  

And the price is so cheap, at least for the time being. But when they start to sell out, I’m sure some selfish people will hike the price up massively, just like with hand sanitizer. 

I’m so glad I have a simple tool I can use to help protect my family from harm. Of course this is not the only precaution folks in need to take during this crazy period. But it’s a remarkably effective one.

This air purifying sterilizer gives me the peace of mind that I’m doing what I need to keep my family safe.

And I urge you all to do the same.

That’s why I’m sharing my story. Everyone in needs to know about this for the safety of their family and the community. 

We can’t be too careful.

Please get the word out to people, and make sure you get one before they all sell out.

Activated bamboo charcoal is like a magnetic sponge that filters air particles.

"Breathe Green is being called the must-have home item to keep families safe"

To say I'm a fan of Breathe Green is an understatement. Sterilizing the air we breathe is one of the most effective home methods to protect our families during this time just like we do in the labs. 

The added bonus of this product is that it sucks up and removes odors, mold, mildew and helps with allergy's too!

I urge all families in to buy Breathe Green to purify the air in our homes, plus ensure the surfaces we touch are cleaned at least once a day.

If you want to protect loved ones there’s a tiny window of opportunity before they sell out.


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